07 mars 2008

Chanson du moment...

...qui tape, tape dans ma tête... OH!? clip Micky Green ? Oh! Ouuuuuuuuh ouh ouuuuuuuuh ouhOuuuuuuuuh ouh ouuuuuuuuh ouhI don’t think you realiseDon’t think that you recognizeJust how much you mean to meAnd that you maked me so happyI wish that you were happy tooBecause it means so much to me And oh ! I know oh , that we’ve got better daysAnd oh ! I’m sure, oh that we will conquer the world I regret what I don’t have saidI screwed up things inside your headBut all I want is for you to know is thatWhen you grow old... [Lire la suite]
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